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I'll call her Jayne.. 
26th-Feb-2006 05:50 pm
There's a girl I see at work. I never really noticed her before until these last couple of months. I guess watching her bend over enough times in front of me finally got my attention.

A perfect round ass. The day I realized it I wrote this..

"I've never thought such thoughts before. I've never stared at a woman's ass before. But this ass, this ass I want to bite. I want to run my tongue along the curve while I'm sliding fingers into her warm pussy. I want to dig my nails into those cheeks while my tongue is buried deep inside her, her hips grinding into my face. I want to see the contrast of my black long fingernails against her silky white ass."
27th-Feb-2006 08:04 pm (UTC)
sounds very yummy!
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