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Girl on the Train Part 2 
6th-Mar-2006 09:29 am
This is the Girl on the Train Part 2....sorry its not under a cut..I can't get it to work on my lj...hope you guys enjoy it!

She pushed me towards the door as the train slowled to the next stop. Her hand cupped my ass as she guided me out of the station and up tho the street. Without a word she kept her hand frimly on my ass, rubbing every so often ans we quickly walked through the rain to her appartment. Agian without a word she led me to the elevator, As the doors closed she ripped off my shirt and began sucking my tits through my bra, I moaned and clutched the hand rails of the elevatore. She bit and sucked gently twisting my nipplesas she ground her knee into my crotch.

The elevator dinged as it was at her stop and I clutched my shirt together as she ran down the hallway to her door. I quickly followed and she pushed me up against the door and kissed my passionately, her tongue dancing in my mouth and her teeth gently biting at my lips. The door sprang open and we were inside. She broke the kiss and fumbled with her shoes. I did the same
"You have a lovely appartment" I said quietly glancing around

She pushed my hips against the closed door and leaned in ever so slowly "Just wait till you see the bedroom"I almost exploded in my panties.

She kissed my neck and bit at my earlobes as I ran my fingers through her beautiful long hair. She then hooked her finger around the belt loop of my jeans and led me down the hall to her bedroom. She motioned for me to get on the bed as she lit candles around the small room. It wasn't that small, but her king size bed made it that way. I watched her intently, Her full round ass directly in my view, I reached down and slowly stroked my pussy through my jeans. She turned around and caught me, but smiled and said "Better not touch it too much, don't want me to run out of work to do" She finished lighting the candles and came over to the bed. She got ontop of me and softly kissed my lips. She propped herself up on her elbows and whspered "Get naked except for your panties and I'll be right back"
She bounded out of the room as I stripped off all my clothes, leaving my black lace thong on. It was very sexy, with red trim and a small silk and lace covering my pussy. I was wet, ready for her touch.

The door opened slowly to reveal her standing in the doorway with black fishnet stockings, a black and pink garter, black panties, high heels and black silk gloves that went up to her elbows. My jaw almost hit the floor. Her body looked amazing. she walked over to the bed and traced her silk covered fingers along my tits, making them rock hard. Tracing her fingers all over my body she smiled wickedly "What should I do for you?" she asked coyly I barely managed to squeak out "Strip for me"

She smiled and slowly lowered her goves and tossed them on the floor. Tracing her tits and her stomach she went down to her stockings and removed them once she stepped out of her shoes. Just as she reached her panties I yelled "Stop! let me do the rest" She smiled and nodded as she walked towards the edge of the bed, I sat up and used my teeth to lower her panties, not before trying to suck her pussy through her panties. I dragged my lips and teeth over the fabric and she pushed my head hard agisint her cunt, while moaning softly. I then grabbed the waistband with my teeth and lowered her wet panties.

She stood infront of me completely nacked, pussy dripping and eagre for attention. "Spread your legs" I ordered. She did I traced my fingers through her wetneess smearing her precum over her clit, rubbing and pinching it between my fingers. She moaned as I rolled it between my thumb and my index finger and screamed when i took it between my teeth. Once she was nice and wet I shoved a finger deep inside her tight wet cunt. She arched her back and her knees began to buckle. I fingered her for a few more strokes unti lshe couldn't stand up anynmmore. I stood up and pushed her against the wall, sucking vigorously on her full breasts, tasting her gorgeous flesh while rubbing her pussy lips. Her nipples were hard and she screamed when I bit them. I leaned into whisper "Is your cunt ready for more sexy?"

Instead of an answer she pushed me on the bed and sat on mytis. Grinding her clit against my nippoles she rode it like a cock, as I pinched and rollled her clit between my fingers. "Sit on my face sexy" I said as she screamed and moaned my neame. She moved forward, straddled my neck and planted her pussy firmly on my lips, I drank her juices, darting my tongue in and out of her wet cunt, using my teeth to play with her clit I fucked her with my tongue as hard and as fast as I could. She screamed and rode my mouth screaming "fuck I'm going to cum....oh god.....oh god" I hummed against her clit as she shot smooth silky cum all over my face.

INstead of being exhausted she pinned me against the bed and ground her knee against my pussy "Now its your turn. I'm going to fuck you till it hurts" I moaned as she gropped my breasts, pulling and biting them as she worked her fingers into my panties. "Why does such a naughty amd dirty girl have such nice panties?" She asked as she tossed them on the floor and began licking my pussy. I screamed as her cool wet tongue touched my burning hot cunt. I shivered as she licked me slowly from my slit all the way up to my clit and then suckled it like a nipple. Instead of using her fingers she reached for a vibe in her nightstand drawer. Before touching me with it she sat up and sucked it as if it were a cock. I watched her intently, softly stroking my pussy again before she jammed it hard up my cunt. She fucked me with it as hard as she could as she licked the juices dripping from my cunt. She alternated between her mouth and the vibe. Constantly nibbling on my clit. I screamed as she shoved her fingers inside while her tongue was dancing across my wet pussy lips. Just as she twisted my clit, I screamed and squirted my juices all over her bed. Breathless and exhausted she traced her fingers through my wetness before resting her head on my stomach. She smiled "Just tell me baby when you're ready for more."

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