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So the boy comes over after we've been apart for almost a month. We… 
12th-May-2006 10:10 am
So the boy comes over after we've been apart for almost a month. We have rediculously passionate, mindblowing sex. It was amazing His cock felt so good. It was like being fucked for the first time, he shoved his dick up my cunt so hard that it hurt, but in the most amazing way. He whispered in my ear how hot and wet my pussy felt and how he wanted to shoot his sticky hot cum deep inside my cunt. he bit my titties through my bra and ripped it off of me just before he shot his load all over my tits. We fucked for hours.
The next morning I was so sore, but it was worth it!! I called my girlfriend and she came over with some dirty movies and some icecream....this is what happened next.....
"hey babe! I missed you" She said, planting a kiss on my cheek.
"Me too, its so good to see you"
She was in my favorite outfit, cut off jean shorts and a red tank top, no bra, but red lace panties that I could see when she beant over to slip her boots off. Her nipples were hard, I could see them poking out through the fabric of her top. 
"Should we put on the video?" I asked, she nodded. We always watch lesbian porn together and end up imitating what they're doing on the tv. As I moved towards the tv she grabbed me and threw me against the wall, kissing my neck, squeezing my tits and grinding her knee into my pussy. 
"Ouch" I yelped. 
"Oh my god, I'm sorry baby, whats wrong?" 
"Oh its nothing, the boy fucked me really hard last night and my pussy is sore. "
She smiled, "Oh I see, I know how to treat that" 
She led me to the bedroom, grabbed a towel from the linen closet and leaned me back on the bed. She undressed me and began licking my tits, sucking them lightly while gently rubbing my pussy through my panties. 
"What is your cure for my sore pussy sexy?" I asked
"You'll see" she whispered in my ear as she twisted my nipples slightly. 
"Close your eyes and spread your legs like a good girl" she ordered, I did.
My pussy was already wet from her work, smoothly shaven she stopped to stare at it. I opened my eyes
"Bad girl, close your eyes or you wont get any." she laughed. I closed my eyes again. 
I felt her tongue slowly exploring the folds of my lips, gently licking up to my clit. So softly I barely felt her tongue. Then I felt intense cold being smeared over my wet hole. I opened my eyes with a start
"What the fuck" 
She laughed. "Its the yummiest sundae I've ever seen."
With her fingers she spread the half-melted cream all over my pussy. It felt amazing. Once it started to melt she began licking it off. Her hot tongue replacing the cold icecream. I moaned as she suckled my clit, enjoying the taste. With her fingers she put a bit of icecream inside my cunt, and let it drip out onto her tongue. I wanted her to fuck me so badly, I was biting my lip and playing with my tits.
"Please fuck me baby"
"Not yet, I'm still enjoying my desert" She hissed as she rolled my clit between her teeth......

to be continued
28th-May-2006 06:58 pm (UTC)
Where is the rest!>??
1st-Jun-2006 04:41 am (UTC)
the rest isn't written yet...i don't feel inspired yet lol
27th-Apr-2011 12:10 am (UTC)
If your still out there, please finish it.
I'm just dieing to know how it ends.
I love Ice cream on my pink. I'm sure she
did also.

Hollywants (more sundaes)
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